Why write?

I read somewhere that to learn about something, you should write about it. That forces you to study your subject and make logical sense of it.  You have to be able to make it coherent in your own mind first, if you want to convey it to others.

The search for knowledge is prized in Islam.

Islam, family, books, reading, learning, traveling…are some of my loves.  I am a student of Islam, of life, of the world.  This is my quest for better understanding.

Khalid Baig in his book First Things First (2004 p 308) quotes the following hadith:

“Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim.” [Ibn Majah, Hadith 220]

He then explains the kind of knowledge that is referred to, with another quote:

“The scholars are the heirs of the Prophets (peace be upon them).  The Prophets do not leave behind an inheritance of gold and silver; they leave behind the inheritance of knowledge.  Whoever acquired knowledge, acquired a lot of wealth.” [Tirmidhi, Hadith 2606]

We may have masters degrees in law (something I am currently pursuing) but without the correct Islamic knowledge, it means nothing.  He says that we may be the “educated-illiterate class”.  Apart from having knowledge, we also need understanding.

I have been noticing my own imbalance of secular versus Islamic knowledge and am realizing more and more how important it is for me to shift the balance toward knowledge of Deen.

Wouldn’t you want to acquire the wealth of the Prophets?