Princesses, tree change dolls…

Have you seen how skanky some of these new Barbie dolls (and other girls’ dolls) are?  A lot of them look like hookers.  I find it really creepy that girls get to play make-believe with these red-light-women.

I’m not the only one.  There’s this lady from Tasmania who takes old discarded dolls, and gives them a modesty makeover (or a make-under), to make them look believable and decent.  Check out her website, Tree Change Dolls.  The before-and-after pics are amazing.

Also, I came across the lament of a feminist mother who wonders, “does every little girl have to be a princess?”  She says that even the intrepid, dirty-kneed explorer Dora now has a princess version doll.

I remember not being very interested in Barbie dolls even though we had quite a nice range of clothes and furniture for our Barbie collection.  I had my princess days, and my tomboy days.  But at least I got to play with whatever suited my mood at the time, without having pink shoved at me from every direction.