Work and life : new priorities for a Muslimah

After 4 years working at breakneck speed in order to keep up with The Career and The Man and The World and The Money and The Corporate, I have finally leaped into shifting my priorities quite drastically.

From 50 hour weeks at the office to working remotely, I am downsizing my career in favour of pursuing other interests.

There’s so much to learn and do and be.  There was no spare time at The Firm, what with billing, meeting clients, training, and the myriad other activities that we were expected to cram into our days.  This new venture is exhilarating.

Granted, I am a procrastinator and I need to get that under control, especially if I am working from home, in control of my own schedule.  I am at risk of spending all day reading fiction, but pulling up my big-girl panties, I know that there’s work to be done, a thesis to write, and life to be lived – real life, not the life I live through books.

But also, I am relieved that this Ramadaan, I will have time to read Quraan and Islamic literature and more Salaah and just, feel the blessings of the month.  I know that Ramadaan is still a few months away, but I also know that before thinking twice, the month will be upon us.  And with the past 4 years having been spiritually bleak, I am looking forward to filling up my cup.

I heard it said by an Apa the other day that our Imaan goes up and down, it waxes and wanes.  We need to strive to keep it up up up, always on the higher end, and guard against those low moments.  With more time will come more spiritual and religious focus, InshaAllah.

I want to learn so much more too – Islamic history and law, Arabic, Hadith – I am a nerd and a scholar and I have been feeding my western learning to the detriment of my Islamic education.  This has to be reversed.

How will I fit it all in?  With Allah’s help.

Let’s strive to keep our cup of Imaan filled.