Our silent warriors-of-clean

It’s that happy holiday time of year again but for most of us living the comfy life, it’s also the time that all the domestic workers go home and we’re left to fend for ourselves against the dust and dishes.

It’s weird how accustomed we are to having people pick up after us all the time.

Trudy diligently sweeps the floor and puts things in order.  When I tell her to leave some or other cleaning for another day, she laughs good-naturedly and cleans that area anyways. Now we can mop our own floors and appreciate the Trudys in our lives.

Apparently one of the marks of good house keeping is the ability to “keep help”.  I haven’t yet attempted to have my own domestic helper so I’m not sure where I stand in the rankings, but I know many a lady who just can’t seem to get along with their maids.  Maybe we need to ease up the standards a little and just focus on the bigger picture.  These ladies spend almost all their days cleaning our homes with little if any companionship from the house people and limited free time. We’re lucky to have a friendly, shy, diligent Trudy.

It’s surprising how much endless cleaning an Indian household requires.  I’ve heard ominous predictions from some old ladies about the future days to come when we won’t be able to find or afford domestic help.  Will this day come?  If it does, will we cope?  We can eat out of paper plates for two weeks of the year, but what of an endless maid-free life?

Maybe we’ll just dust the counters every second or third day instead of every day (cue Indian aunties around the country fainting at such a dangerous thought!)