Halaal food around the world


When the bro and I travelled around Europe a few years ago, halaal food was not easy to find.

Maybe we didn’t do enough research beforehand, so we sometimes munched down on kabob or other non-local food, often from shops owned by immigrant Egyptians or Pakistanis.

Or we snacked on coffee shop tidbits.

Luckily, in London, we had a very sweet cousin who sent us off on our daily adventures fully stocked with home-made snacks.

It’s kinda sad not to be able to taste all the local food, but I guess we just have to focus on the people, the sites and the experiences, since halaal food is not always available when you’re not travelling around a Muslim country. I at least seek out the local teas, coffees and juices, to get a little taste of local fare.

coffee heart

Even when there are options available, like the myriad interesting halaal places in South Africa, foreigners may not even know they exist.

Too late for me for now, but hopefully this list will help me on future travels : if you’re off on a European adventure, here’s a list of halaal places to eat at in 10 European cities, an article by Muslim Travel Girl.

Enjoy, I hope it’s useful.

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