Payback for the past

Like a lot of people, I do think our President is a dud.  It makes me sad that I really think he’s an idiot. If I just disagreed with his policies and didn’t think he was incompetent and a scoundrel, it might be easier to handle.

But that’s not the point of my rant today.  Even though JZee is corrupt and has been milking the system at the expense of taxpayers, what is really irking me today is this meme I saw recently.  Everyone keeps calling for JZee to “pay back the money”, some 20 million spent on his personal home in Nkandla.  But this image has stuck with me – the white lady smiling with glee because Zuma said that he is finally going to pay back the money.  “And you’re wondering when they’re paying back the land.”


We can criticise our government all we want but the inequities of the past were never properly righted, and even though forgiveness may have averted a civil war, there is still the question of those countless people who benefited from apartheid, made loads of money, gained tons of advantages, stole all the land, and never had to pay back any of it.  They get to keep that.

Damn colonialism and apartheid, and this mess that we are left with.

And then another cartoon that irks me because it’s true, about reverse racism…




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