Appreciating Akhals

Other than Kheri Kitchrie, is there anything better than the Wonder Why pizza from Akhals?  The chips, the cheese, the clay oven crust…

I think everyone has an Akhals memory, especially people who were at university in Jo’burg and spent afternoons eating soft squishy chips, leaning against the back of their car.

Indians can’t seem to eat anything without throwing some spice on.  I remember a colleague once imploring me to try some Turkish food, he said that the flavours were not all mixed together like Indian spices, but that you would be able to taste individual ingredients and flavours.

I tried to make something the other day with coconut milk but mostly, I just tasted chilli and the familiar flavour of that generic mix of dhanajeeroo and chilli and arad and gingergarlic that seems to be in every single Indian recipe.  Now I’m left with a cup of coconut milk that I’m not sure what to do with, so I’ve been adding it to my tea and cereal and orange juice, and it’s delicious!

I did end up trying the Turkish “separated flavours” food, but I still prefer the mishmash of Indian spice.

Can our tastebuds be re-trained?  I guess they can, people give up salt and sugar and don’t miss it.  But apparently a baby in utero starts developing a taste for foods, and prefers things that his mother ate while pregnant.  So if you want a healthy baby, try eating broccoli and carrots for 9 months.  I don’t have that much willpower though – I’d rather have an Akhals steak rounder right now.



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