Green trees, black eagles and sunny sun

“Four years ago the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden had a crisis. Their magnificent Black Eagle male disappeared…But the female eagle took charge. She disappeared for several days, and reappeared with a young male, and the pair have continued breeding ever since.”


A few years ago I was tasked with researching the black eagles who live on a cliff in the Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens (trust me, this was not a random research assignment, but if I told you the reason for my need to look up the eagles, I’d have to kill you…)

I was fascinated by the tale of Emoyeni, the strong female eagle who had tragically lost her long time love (he disappeared inexplicably).  Black eagles mate for life, and Emoyeni spent many days anxiously searching for her lost husband.  The search proving fruitless, she went in search of a new mate (even though they mate for life, they will replace a mate if need be).  Emoyeni brought back a younger guy (named Thulani, the quiet one, because of his shy nature).  The eagles spend most of their day together, then some time on nest refurbishment.  Two eggs are laid each year (but only one survives the deadly duel that ensues after hatching).

On our recent trip to the Botanicals, the Husband and I arrived early enough to be the only ones sitting on a prime bench that had a great view of the eagle’s nests.  We got to see the eagle family swooping around quite a few times (I was surprised to see the baby too).

I don’t know if there’s a point to this post except to share the story of the eagles, who have managed to survive in Johannesburg, even through increased construction in surrounding areas.

Also, remember to get some sunlight every day (not that I have managed).  I don’t know how Hijabis do it, but I seem to be getting zero sunlight Vitamin D.  Sunlight coming through glass or a window does not count apparently. It has to touch your skin directly for the D Vitamin to sink in…the rays you get through a glass shield is somewhat less healthy.  I heard somewhere that some sicknesses that are on the rise are linked to the lack of Vitamin D (as usual, I don’t remember the exact details, but the point remains…you need some Vitamin D to be cool).


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