For some reason I have honey-boo-boo on the brain

Have you ever watched the show Here comes honey-boo-boo?  Hanna and I like watching reality TV because it doesn’t require too much brainpower and we end up spending most of the time talking at the TV, commenting on these “real-life” scenarios (which you can’t do with a movie – with a movie you gotta shut up and focus).  You better “redneckernise”!

I’ve also been coming back to the image in my mind, over and over again, of Bruce Jenner becoming a woman and wearing a dress (Bruce Jenner of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame).  The Bhebi has also noticed, and we had a brief discussion on what we are to think about sex-changes and homosexuality.  Islamically there is a view…

Anyways, moving on….Why are we fascinated by the lives of other people, to the point where we will watch their wacky staged lives with interest?  It’s morbid escapist fun.  We should probably leave alone that which does not concern us.  I’m not sure if this is similar to reading a novel, where you are allowed to peek into another world. Is there any similarity? Should we just try to go cold-turkey and quit the reality TV?  I don’t have a TV so it wouldn’t be too difficult.  But then there’s gossip news on Twitter and other social media.  It seems like the stuff bombards you wherever you go…and it’s sometimes so strange and fascinating…I guess it would be better to cultivate my fascination for figures more worthy of consideration.  Role models.  Maybe instead of looking up the latest Rihanna scandal I should turn to stories of the Sahaba (RA) instead.

What’s also intriguing though, is that these people clearly want and seek fame, but then try to avoid the label of role model, or sometimes bemoan their lost privacy.   They want to have their cake and eat it too (eeek, I hate that phrase….why wouldn’t you want to eat cake?)

On the other hand, do we gain anything from watching celebrities crash and burn? I’m not sure.  Maybe some parts of their lives are aspirational (but really only in a material sense).  Or maybe the hard work and machinations that it took them to get their 15 minutes of fame has something to be said for perseverance to their cause.   Or their messed up situations are a warning to us.  But overall, I mainly get a laugh…and then the images of these fake/real lives fade away…


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