…and now, a post on poop

We’ve been using Western toilets for years but my gran’s house used to have a high toilet and a low toilet.  Sweety-khala also used to have a low toilet in her house. I think Raahil may have even preferred that one, but I remember that I always avoided the low toilet.  I could never figure out what to do with my clothes and it was such a delicate mission.

India still has many low toilets, and they’re used often.  I guess it would be easy with a Lungi.  But lots of people in India are also adopting the Western style toilet.

The point is, research has now shown that squatting is the best position for pooping because it relaxes your colon properly and could save you from some fecal related diseases.  Click on this article for more detail.  The Husband tells me that you can get a “squatty stool for the high toilet. It apparently raises your legs a little so it mimics squatting.”  Have a look at this website to see a pic.

So that’s just a little contribution to the spread of poop-wisdom.  Happy pooping!


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