Get your sleeping bags, it’s time for camp!

The Ijtima is coming to town (not my town, Roshnee) but it’s exciting.  Sleeping bags, leather socks and crocs.  The guys get to bond and discuss important issues.  Also, I recently learnt that the main point of the Ijtima is to encourage people to “go out” (go out and give Dawah, it’s a big Tashkeeling session) and there are famous moulanas to boot.

While I’m not so sure about the cult celebrity status of Moulanas, the Husband explains that it is just a way of showing our respect and honour for the Ulema (they are the inheritors of sacred knowledge).

Roshnee is also famous for its hospitality so I’m sure it won’t be all that uncomfortable for the guys (I’ve heard that an Ijtima in Pakistan consisted of a field with hay to sleep on…that’s all…no tents and separate cooking sites and private cubicles).

I also used to call this thing the Istima (and I still do sometimes, it somehow rolls off the tongue easier than Ijtima).  Apa says it’s not a bad thing – Ijtima comes from the word Jamaat which relates to a gathering.  The word Istima is related to the word for hearing (so people go there and listen to talks).

I also heard some ladies talking about the Fikr of the Istima (I didn’t know what Fikr is either, but apparently it means to worry or be concerned).  These ladies are concerned about the success of the Ijtima and so they encourage people to read Yaasin or fast etc to ensure the success of the Ijtima.

People have been cooking and planing and the citizens of Roshnee are hard at work, waiting for thousands of Kurta-clad uncles to descend upon them.  Apparently there will also be a Moria contingent arriving for some Easter celebration, so best you leave early, because for some reason, there is only one road into Roshnee.

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