Auras of the humble lovelies

Is it just me or does everyone feel this sense of calm and wonder when they meet a really serene and humble apa?

I went to an interesting talk by a really soft spoken and knowledgeable apa – but she was so sweet and kind and gentle and self-effacing – the point of her actions being, I think, to live out her belief that the bottom line is, nothing happens without the mercy of Allah.  Nothing that she can tell us is due to her own ability, but due to the mercy that Allah has bestowed on her, so that she may share her knowledge with us.  It’s an eye-opening thing to see, someone living their belief in their actions and being.

The other upside to attending this talk is that I got to see my long-lost but living-close-by-to-me cousin Amina, and her getting-taller-and-less-naughty cute son.  It’s so cool to see a familiar face in this “new world” that I am not yet quite used to.

Anyways, back to the point: dear apas.  My apa, (my regular apa, if I may call her that!) also has this gentleness that brings back my old memories of other apas.  I had some great apas growing up, one in particular, but they were always much older than the apas I meet nowadays (or maybe I was just so much younger?)  I’m always surprised by how non-judgmental they are, even though I must sometimes look like a hoodlum compared to them.

Wait, on second thought…thinking about the talk today has brought back the image of cousin Amina’s mother – there was just something about her, an elegance, a grace, mixed with a quirky sense of humour and a brilliant smile.  May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus, InshAllah.  Even the lovely ladies who we know for just a short while have a lasting impact, and won’t be forgotten.  I feel that every good lady who has passed through my life has left her fingerprints on my identity, and I am richer for it.


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