It’s just the dishes, but I’m grateful – and my husband taught me all I know about ironing

I’ve heard (or read?) that if you remember Allah when things are good, Allah will remember you when things are bad.  So let’s give thanks.  If you are reading this you are part of the literate educated elite, with internet access and some spare time.  Any problems we may have are not of the basic-survival kind.

For me, the small things hit me hardest – like waking up after a lazy late night to find that the Husband has washed all the dishes left in the sink.

Guess what, I didn’t know how to iron when I got married.  Well, I had one experience a few years ago in Durban, ironing Raha’s husbands shirts in the hotel ironing room (who knew that hotels had ironing rooms) but that was more of a game to see whether Nadia, Rania and I could do a halfway decent job of ironing – and I’m not sure whether Raha went and re-ironed our first sad attempts.

But Husband taught me how to iron a shirt, and then a kurta (which is a massive thing) and the other day he re-ironed a trouser I was struggling with, and showed me where the lines are.  You have to iron trousers on this pressed line thingy.  So much ironing complicatedness!

Anyways, I’m grateful that the guy not only changes all the broken lightbulbs, removes any wandering spiders, fixes door-handles and clocks and other things that I brake (break? which brake/break is correct?), but he also patiently teaches me to iron all manner of different clothes.  He even wields a huge chef’s knife to tackle onions when my eyes can’t take it.

This reminds me that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did his own chores: he mended his own clothes, took care of the goats (I think it was goats) and served his family.  He did not claim any superiority over other human beings, even though he was the best among us.

Anyways, while I try to learn house-hold-y things, thank goodness I have someone around who is more skilled than I at many of these mysterious tasks.



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