Less stuff, more space, lessons from Islam and Captain planet

I have so much stuff, way too much stuff, stuff upon stuff…

I want to downsize, minimize, streamline (do I sound like Oprah or some chirpy lady from those reality hoarding shows?)

Living with less stuff has so many benefits: I won’t have to find space to store it, time to maintain it and there’ll be no guilt for not using it.

Tips for a minimalist lifestyle:

  1. Embrace the concept of enough. I once read that we can’t have everything…where would we put it all?
  2. Declutter. Apparently a serene environment invites a serene mind but I wouldn’t know… I’m drowning in clutter.  I used to think that being disorganized and cluttered was okay as long as everything is clean.  Nope, time to change that thought.
  3. Consider the impact: someone has to make everything we buy, then it gets transported from who-knows-where, to be used and then disposed of… Landfill mania.
  4. Less stuff may mean more time to focus on what’s important – living and doing and being…not chasing a piece of …stuff.  Save the money from some piece of random stuff that you would have bought, and chase an experience instead.
  5. Everything is finite.  The less I have or use, the more there is for others.

I need to declutter my mind too.  No junk TV and excessive social media.  More valuable reading and doing.

I’ve vaguely seen book titles that suggest that Islam promotes environmentalism.  I need to find that info, it may have some useful inspiration for aspiring minimalists.  For now I’ve read this article on Islam and global warming, and it reminds me of the importance of avoiding waste.

I remember being taught in Madrassah as a little kid that we should not waste water (and my Apa then proceeded to try to show us how to make wudhu, but in making her point about water wastage there was barely a trickle of water coming out of the tap…so it took a while!)

I also remember from long-gone days that when someone littered we would tell the person to pick it up because otherwise 70 000 angels (or some other large number of angels) would curse you.

Then there was that cool cartoon Captain Planet (a blue guy with a mullet, seriously, what were they thinking?) that had these teenagers from all over the world trying to save the Earth from pollution.  The message must have stuck with me because I can still hear the theme song playing in my head every time I think of that blue flying mullet-head.

Okay, back to the point: We don’t own this Earth, we’ve just been given some time to wander it.  I want to lighten my footprints on this planet.


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