On a Halaal make-up quest (aka how many lipsticks are enough?)

How many lipsticks are enough?  The thought appears, unbidden, as I walk out of the prayer room… Oh my shattered nerves…when did I become the type of person who thinks about lipstick?

Well, “the type of person who thinks about lipstick”, what is that anyways? I don’t usually think about girly past-times. But obviously I do have these thoughts, so maybe they’re worth thinking.  (Let me not be a snob!)

Back to the original question I suppose… since it’s crept up on me I might as well try to answer it.  I have 3 lipsticks.  All from the Body Shop because those are the only ones I think may be Halaal (i.e. have no animal products in them).

3 may be excessive…3 may be too little?

Well, I think 3 is okay for now…on my quest to have less stuff, I will desist from thinking about more lipstick.  And hopefully one day choose the perfect one, so that one is just enough.

But then the other issue: Halaal make-up.

I didn’t even think of this as a “thing” until a few years ago, one Ramadaan, when my lips were very very dry and I reached for a lip-ice thingy.  And then I wondered: what if this gets in my mouth?  Is my fast broken? And then I wondered some more: what if this gets in my mouth, ever?  Is it Halaal?

And then I remembered that the Body Shop went vegetarian (or vegan?) and they apparently don’t use animal products.  So I dug out a lip butter and proceeded to plaster my parched lips (after Iftaar though).

And where else do I go other than the Body Shop?  This will require more investigation.  Also, apart from animal products, what do we do about the alcohol that seems to be in everything?

And then I heard about Halaal nail polish because my nieces (always on top of trends) put me on the scent.  But soon after, their mom explained that basically it’s just peel-off nail polish.  Which reminds me of the kind of stuff I used to play with when I was 5 years old.  Which also means that you’d have to peel it all off each time you need to make wudhu?  And this sounds like a big schlep. So no, I guess I won’t be trying that.

And waterproof mascara?  How to make wudhu without make-up remover?  Scratch mascara from the list.

How about eyeliner or Kaajal?  I guess if they wash off, they should be okay.  But I look like a lost panda bear, scrubbing my kohl-rimmed eyes each time I need to make wudhu, trying to make sure that the water permeates to my skin.

Hmmmm, a beauty blogger may know more…I’m off to find out.


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