The aerobic aunties

This new working-and-studying-from-home thing made me think that I have oodles of extra time for new stuff, and I’ve been itching to find different things to explore and learn.

So when cousin Ayesha suggested an Aqua Aerobics class, I bet she was surprised that I answered the call.  For the past few years I was the cousin least likely to pitch up at…anything.  And even less likely to even respond to a WhatsApp message.  But with my new-found time comes tons of choices.

One of the problems of today is that there are sometimes so many choices that people are paralyzed and cannot decide what to do, sometimes meaning that they end up doing nothing.  Not so for me: I like to believe that I can fit everything in (not always so wise, but I’m going with it for now).

So after attending Aqua (which was fun but not too taxing, by the way) I was convinced to take up the regular 4-day-a-week aerobics class that my instructor does.  Okay, I didn’t need much convincing since I’ve become a bit of a yes-woman but who knew that this would lead to even more opportunities?

Attending the first class as the young-newbie, I got countless whatsyourname / whereareyoufrom / howoldareyou / areyoumarried / doyouhavekids from all of the aunties there.  Yes, aunties.  The class is filled with them.  Well-meaning, middle-aged aunties (okay, a few are young but some are pushing menopause).  And that’s when the other invites were offered – can I cook? Well, welcome to our cooking class!  Taaleem here and there.  Tafseer.  Maybe Arabic.  Support groups for something or other.

While my natural instinct was to run and hide from the aunties, I decided instead to embrace this Indian mothering instinct and take them up on some of their offers.

So while I try to keep up with 50-year-olds at gym, I am now also extending my network and getting to know the ladies in the neighborhood.

I was complaining to Husband the other day that I don’t know “the scene” (the local scene of who’s who, what’s what, Jamaat Moulanas and local celebs i.e. Nasheed singers etc).  But with the aunty network on the case, that ought to be rectified pretty soon.

Lesson of the day: be open to new experiences, say yes (even when you want to say no sometimes) and see where it takes you – it’s bound to be interesting.


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