Towards Hijab and Niqaab

I started wearing the Hijab just over 7 months ago and it’s been an interesting journey.

From a lot of self-doubt came the seemingly snap decision to just do it.  But getting to that point has been a process, and now that I have become a Hijabi, I wish I had started sooner.

What does it matter what the world wants to see when we know what Allah wants to see?  Donning the Hijab for the pleasure of Allah is a pleasure in itself.

I feel more secure knowing that one part of what I have to do, is done.

But it’s not just a headscarf.  Hijab is about all of your clothes, and more.  I need to readjust my view of what fashion is and I am amused and encouraged to see tons of Hijabi fashion pics all over the internet.

Stylish Muslimah has a cool post with advice for new Hijabis.

At first when I put on the Hijab I got some curious stares and some strange questions, a friend storming into my Husband (then-fiancee’s) office and asking why he was oppressing me, but most people took it in stride without missing a beat, and that was cool.

But apart from clothing, it starts with a mind-set.  A lowering of the gaze.  A guarding of modesty.  It needs to permeate every aspect of our being.  This is where the real struggle is.

It may be easy to wear a scarf and experiment with the latest Hijabi accessories.  But conducting myself with the grace, dignity, modesty and elegance of a true Hijabi – let’s just say, I’m a work in progress.

An Apa recently suggested that I wear full Niqaab.  She said “just think about it”.  She asked whether my Husband was jealous that other guys looked at me (or could look at me).  I’ve never thought about that before, and haven’t spoken to Husband about it either.  For the Hijab, he was supportive and told me that it was up to me to do what I needed to, when I was ready.  I wonder if he would have held the same view had he not known that I was already contemplating it.

On my quest to become a better Hijabi, a true Hijabi, I think I will “think about it”, at least.  InshaAllah.


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